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Why writing will change your life

the writer’s journey Jul 13, 2023

“Life changing” is a claim that gets thrown around a lot, especially online.

Breaking up with shampoo is “life changing.” So is discovering you can hard-boil eggs in a pressure cooker. 

Call it hyperbole with a side of TikTok, but there’s a reason that “life-changing” seizes our attention.

People are riveted by transformation. The world is one way, and something happens, and then the world is different. 

Which is a way of saying: People are riveted by story. Beginning. Middle. End. It’s a transformation sandwich. 

I’m thinking about this because I’ve been sorting through recent Path of the Storyteller student testimonials, updating the website for next week’s enrollment. [cue anticipatory music!]

Life-changing. Life-changing. Life changing. The phrase came up again and again, as my students described the impact the program has had on them. My...

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