Why writing will change your life

the writer’s journey Jul 13, 2023

“Life changing” is a claim that gets thrown around a lot, especially online.

Breaking up with shampoo is “life changing.” So is discovering you can hard-boil eggs in a pressure cooker. 

Call it hyperbole with a side of TikTok, but there’s a reason that “life-changing” seizes our attention.

People are riveted by transformation. The world is one way, and something happens, and then the world is different. 

Which is a way of saying: People are riveted by story. Beginning. Middle. End. It’s a transformation sandwich. 

I’m thinking about this because I’ve been sorting through recent Path of the Storyteller student testimonials, updating the website for next week’s enrollment. [cue anticipatory music!]

Life-changing. Life-changing. Life changing. The phrase came up again and again, as my students described the impact the program has had on them. My heart is full, I have to tell you!

Now, I’m not shy about tooting my horn when it comes to the Path of the Storyteller program. I know its value because I’ve witnessed it in action.

And it breaks my heart to see writers needlessly struggling simply because they’ve never had access to real training and mentorship. 

But that phrase, life-changing, really made me think.

Why is finally committing to your own development as a writer not just writing-changing, but life-changing? 

What is it about our writing that ties it so inextricably to our sense of who we are? 

The questions are deep, but the answers offer practical insight into

  • why we write in the first place
  • why we hesitate to fully commit to the work we love
  • and what might happen if we really did embrace the pursuit of mastery and trust that we, too, could write confidently and well, delight our readers, and make all our writing dreams come true? 

➡️ Will writing change your life? Should you let it? That’s the topic of this livestream.


Yours in storytelling,

p.s. – The Path of the Storyteller program opens for enrollment next week! I love the new features we’ve added—including the freedom to go at your own pace, with live weekly coaching from me. Stay tuned for your invitation!  

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