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About Maryrose Wood

Like you, I’m a writer. But my path from starry-eyed kid to published author included a lot of twists and turns!
I didn’t grow up thinking I’d end up writing novels, and I never imagined I’d be published by Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Macmillan. But fourteen published novels later (and counting), here I am.
From my earliest explorations in the storytelling arts (yes, that’s me singing my heart out in that flop Broadway musical!), to years of study and hands-on experience crafting critically acclaimed, award-winning books that have touched readers worldwide, I've never stopped being fascinated by the deeply human need for story. It’s truly part of us.
My passion for teaching rose naturally out of my own long writing practice and lifetime of study. The archetype of the mentor looms large in stories! You can ask any of my Path of the Storyteller students—my enthusiasm for mentoring my students runs deep.
I’d love to help you on your journey.

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May 24, 2023

You’ve lost faith in your work. Now what?

May 03, 2023

Writers who don’t write, what’s really going on?

Apr 19, 2023

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Writing that’s good enough to thrill and engage your readers is the end result of a skillful, intentional process of drafting and revision. Mastery doesn’t come by accident, and you don’t have to figure it out alone. 

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