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dialogue Jul 12, 2021

I like to talk; I bet you like to talk, too. The dance of conversation is how we chatty humans connect with one another. 

When people speak, our ears perk up. We’re wired to listen. That’s why it’s so hard not to eavesdrop!

Our readers are just the same. When characters on the page start talking, readers lean in. Dialogue is like reader catnip. If their attention has strayed, dialogue wakes them up and pulls them right back into the story. 

Yet writers don’t always take full advantage of dialogue’s power to command the reader’s attention. Instead of using this precious narrative real estate strategically, we waste it on chitchat, or on rehashing stuff the reader already knows. 

In this week’s livestream I talk about the power of dialogue, and offer tips on how smart writers can use dialogue to turbocharge their storytelling and keep the reader hooked. 

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