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I asked AI to write like me. This is what happened.

ai Jul 12, 2023

In case you’ve been cryogenically frozen during interstellar travel, let me catch you up: Back on earth in the year 2023, everyone I know is talking about Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short.

It’s here. It’s freaking some people out. It’s causing others to whoop for joy, as they figure out ever more ways to use it and profit from it.

Meanwhile, experts are already issuing stern warnings. According to some, AI is rapidly evolving toward sentience, or already is.

Are we finally staring into the future long predicted by science fiction writers, where HAL won’t listen to Dave, where the Terminators take over, where androids dream of electric sheep?

Most immediately worrying for us ever-anxious storytellers: Is AI going to make writers obsolete?

It’s tempting to pooh-pooh this concern with a wave of a flesh-and-blood hand and a blithe “robots can’t make art,” but it’s a serious question.

We’re already seeing lawsuits...

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