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motivation nanowrimo Oct 31, 2020

Sure, there’s STUFF going on this month. Big stuff. Election stuff, holiday stuff, pumpkin spice latte stuff.

But to those of us in the writer tribe, what November really means is NaNoWriMo.

I have several thoughts to share about NaNoWriMo.

  • It is fun to say. Good writing trips off the tongue, and the folks who came up with National Novel Writing Month did a fine job with this adorable nickname. 
  • Commitment is where it's at. Creating space for writers to just GO FOR IT, make a mad sprint, urge each other on, find some consistency in the old writing practice and basically throw caution to the winds is all fantastic. We can't take ourselves too seriously when hurtling forward at breakneck pace. The goal is keep going as fast as you can without tumbling face-first in the Zoomsgiving pie.
  • Your first draft will be a hot, super-hot, gorgeous hot mess. Laugh! Celebrate! Kiss those sticky cheeks and put it in a drawer. December you should take off and tend to cookie baking, binge-watching the new season of The Crown and whatnot. Then, think of January through say, April as NaNoREMos: National Novel Revising Months. 

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