What writers can learn from....pickleball?


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It’s the game that’s sweeping America, and the world: Pickleball!

I too, have happily fallen in semi-obsession with the new national pastime. It's good for writers to get fresh air and exercise! 

But I also find it’s really good to be learning something new.

It’s stimulating to be a beginner. It puts the focus not on “how good” we are, but on how open we are to learning.

This is a real life skill. The process of learning is the same no matter what the subject matter is. If we cultivate becoming good at learning, we can learn anything. 

Including how to write really good fiction.

See, you knew I’d get to writing eventually!

In my many years of teaching and mentoring writers, I’ve found that writers sometimes have unrealistic expectations about what learning to be a better writer is like.

Some writers don’t even believe it’s possible to learn to improve the way they write. Well, I call that ball out! It’s not a helpful belief, and it’s not true, either.

In this livestream, I share ten pickleball-inspired ideas I hope you’ll find thought-provoking, about how writers learn and improve.

My pickleball theme will make this talk extra fun, but the takeaways are deep as a hard-hit serve! 

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Have you joined the pickleball craze yet? Do you plan to?

p.s. – Would you rather watch these ten tips one at a time? Check out the short video series I made out of this livestream. 

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