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careers mindset process Dec 07, 2022

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A question for you: When is the perfect time to act?

To start a new project?

To break an old habit?

To finally drop something that’s not working?

To pivot? Reboot? Change course? Face facts?

I think most of us know in our hearts when SOMETHING needs (or has long needed) to change. But that doesn’t always mean we take action.

Often, there's a panicked answer that rises within us:

Not now.

There’s too much on my plate.

I’m already overwhelmed.

After I get these ten other very trivial things sorted out, THEN I'll be able to finally deal with That One Important Thing that I’ve been putting off for years

We’re all this way. People (and writers are people, don’t forget!) never seem to run out of ways to say “Eek! I’m not ready for this."

Story structure expresses this beautifully. A tottering house of cards is the beginning of every story—and then something happens. 

Change becomes urgent. The time is now!

In this livestream, I talk about ten things writers put off until the time is right—and why right now is the perfect time to do them! 

What are you waiting for the perfect time to do? Leave a comment below and share! 

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