The worst writing advice, debunked

mindset writing advice Jun 21, 2023

I saw someone give the worst writing advice the other day. I’m still feeling a little spicy about it! 

Now, let me be clear: Writers need guidance. They really do. They need real training and mentorship.

I feel strongly about this! It’s why I started Path of the Storyteller to begin with.

What writers don’t need is uninformed advice that makes them doubt themselves needlessly, without giving them the tools they need truly improve.

You can get bad writing advice in so many places. Sometimes it comes from so-called experts. And a lot of the time it comes from people who don’t have much expertise at all.

Bad advice is everywhere, and writers can get so confused by it. In today’s livestream, I’ll talk about some of the most common types of bad writing advice out there, and what you should do about it if any of it comes your way.

I share why I think it’s so pervasive, and what some of this mistaken guidance might really be trying to communicate. 

➡️ I also unravel why we sometimes have trouble accepting the need for true mentorship. I think this last point will speak to many of you. Why do we go looking for advice in all the wrong places? And how do you find the kind of mentorship that you can truly benefit from? Let’s discuss. 

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