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World-building: It’s not just for fantasy


This week’s talk is in response to a question that came up during a previous livestream that went something like this:

Yes, research is a useful tool for brainstorming new books, but how do we do “research” if we’re writing fantasy?

I love this question, as it gives us a lot to think about. What is fantasy, really? Isn't all fiction “made up?” Is there any such thing as truly “realistic” fiction, when you think about it?

Practically speaking, world-building for a fantasy realm involves a lot more than drawing maps and making lists of slang words in Elvish. The world of your story is nothing less than the crucible of transformation of your hero, the arena of combat, the rules of the game.

In other words, the world-building is storytelling, too. 

Let’s go through the phantom tollbooth, hop on the transporter and take a fantastic journey to the world of world-building. We’ll explore the...

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