The twelve days of story structure: a holiday lesson for you to unwrap

story structure Dec 20, 2021

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Warmest wishes of the season to you, my dear storyteller!

This week I’m pulling out all the jingle bells to bring you a livestream of unprecedented festivity!

Because, let’s face it: Holiday-themed stories are irresistible. My personal bucket list includes writing a Christmas movie (Hallmark, are you listening?).

We all have our favorites, from the sublime (Amahl and the Night Visitors gets my vote here) to the sublimely ridiculous (bring on the Snow Miser and the Heat Miser!).

From O. Henry to It’s a Wonderful Life to good ol’ Charlie Brown, there are countless books, poems, movies, and TV specials that fill the season with storytelling—and I'm not even going to mention the vast song catalogue, but songs are a kind of storytelling, too.

These are the tales that satisfy and keep satisfying, year after year after year.

In this week’s livestream I want to talk about why that’s so. And I have a special treat in store for you: The Twelve Days of Story Structure, in which I unravel the story structure of a holiday classic. Which one? I think you know my favorite. But if not, click here to find out.

And no, it won’t take me twelve days to do it! After all, the Spirits did it all in one night! They can do anything they like! Of course they can!

Yours in storytelling,

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