The magic of “just do it.”

story structure Oct 19, 2022

Add story energy to your writing with these five lessons from—Nike?

Storytelling is everywhere.

Yes, it’s in the books we write and read, the movies we watch, the TV shows we binge and even the jokes we tell—but it’s also in politics, history, science, education, you name it.

Story is how humans think and how we make sense of the world. It's how we connect the dots between data points and turn them into meaning. It’s how we form our identities, individually and as groups, cultures, and nations.

Story is powerful stuff. And if you want to see a super-compressed, super-effective morsel of storytelling in action, I give you three simple words:

Just do it.

This trademarked ad slogan from athletic shoe brand Nike dates back to the 1980s and remains instantly, globally recognizable. 

Why is that so? And what can we writers of fiction learn from this concentrated bomb of story energy?

In this livestream I unpack the phenomenally compressed story energy that is stuffed into these three syllables. And I’ll show you how you, too, can increase the storyteller power in your own writing. 

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