First person POV done right

first person pov Nov 23, 2022

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First person point of view can be so me me me. All that time stuck inside someone’s head! 

Yet many writers mistakenly think that writing in first person is somehow easier than writing in third, precisely because of this endless monologue quality.

Who hasn’t gotten on the phone with a good pal and talked for an hour without ever once running out of things to say? The words just pour out.

Isn’t writing in first person is more or less like that? So we may naively think, and writers desperate for word count may find the notion of turning on a word spigot very appealing.

Now, listen, my dear storytellers: Writers may long for a word spigot, but readers all want the same thing: a great story, vividly and memorably told, and populated by iconic characters who feel realer than the people we know in real life. 

Today I want to talk about the tricky part of writing in first person, which is this: How do we tell a well-structured story that’s satisfying to the reader while still conveying every event and detail through the voice of the protagonist? 

Expect some very practical tips today! Even if you prefer writing in third person, this talk will be a good reminder of exactly what we mean by "point of view."

Do you have a preference for writing in first or third? Let me know in the comments. 

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