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goals story structure Aug 10, 2021

We do like to have fun at Path of the Storyteller! For me, part of the fun is inventing ways to remember the many story structure and writing craft precepts we writers need to juggle.

Like the Alec Baldwin Rule. This is a reference to Mr. Baldwin’s iconic scene from the film Glengarry Glen Ross, with script by David Mamet (based on Mamet’s play of the same name). 

If you’re unfamiliar, never fear: this meme-worthy scene is so often quoted that a quick trip to YouTube (search “always be closing”)  will give you many options for watching it. Be warned, it is NSFW, unless you happen to work in in a profanity-laced real estate office selling swampland in Florida. Then, it’s perfect!)

But to the point: Baldwin’s character teaches his team to Always Be Closing. As he puts it: “A Always, B Be, C closing! Always Be Closing!”

Contextually, it’s great advice. Closing deals is the purpose of being in sales, after all. To take one’s eye off that fact is to be a lackluster sales rep. 

So what is the Alec Baldwin Rule, Path of the Storyteller style? Always tell story. Always!

Sales reps sell. Writers tell story. If we forget what the purpose of our job is, we’re unlikely to do it consistently and well. 

That’s the topic of this livestream. I think you’ll find it of benefit. And I promise not to take off my gold watch and tell you it costs more than your car!

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